Thursday, July 17, 2014

Art Jewelry Magazine

I have some pieces published in Art Jewelry magazine this year.  First I had an aluminum and wood piece published in a non-traditional materials gallery in the May issue.

I should have some earrings published in a texturing gallery in who knows which issue, they didn't tell me, and my parents haven't received it in the mail I guess.   (Update, July 31) I was supposed to have some earrings published in a gallery of textured jewelry in an issue this year but they didn't have space, so they told me the earrings will appear in a gallery in some future issue.

I am told I will also have a pendant published in a sawing and piercing gallery.  I guess that will be in some kind of "special publication", being published in August, not a normal monthly issue.

I also had at least one piece in the gallery section of their website.  I don't keep track of these things very well anymore.  If I see a call for entries that I can enter, then I just enter and forget about it.  Since I always use my parents address rather than my Korea address, I don't even get to see the book or magazine when it's published.  Usually my parents or friend will email a pic of the page I am on.

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