Thursday, January 17, 2019

waiting on tools

So far the most frustrating thing about working here is constantly getting to a point where I need a certain tool that I don't have and then having to wait to get it. I either have to ask my parents to send it, or buy it here. Of course, eventually that will stop happening as I slowly get everything I need, but right now I am stalled, waiting on sanding belts for my little NSK belt sander. After I get those I really think the only other things I will need to make picks are a polishing motor and buffs, and some kind of wood finishing oil.

This photo below shows where I stopped. I can cut more wood and grind/file more steel, but I can't finish anything. I will work on some jewelry while I wait for my sanding belts.

This is my outside work area where I do my grinding. This patio area is really the only thing I like about this apartment.

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