Saturday, April 26, 2008

drilling holes

I worked on my copper vase tonight. It was the first time I have worked on it since my last post. I started drilling holes for the piercing. I got off to a real bad start, within the first 10 holes I had drilled one in the wrong spot and broken 2 drill bits, and I have to drill over 800 holes. I will fix the hole I put in the wrong spot by putting a flush copper rivet in it. As for the broken drill bits I thought about using a larger size, like #60 or #68, but I only have a couple of them. I had planned on using #70, and had bought about a dozen bits at the same time I got the deeper saw frame. I hadn't been lubricating the drill bit before every hole, so I tried it lubricating the bit before every hole and that made all the difference, I drilled over 300 holes with the same drill bit and then stopped for the night.

I was working at my 2nd bench because it is mostly empty and better suited for working on such a large piece of metal. It is next to my soldering area, and I noticed I had left my pickle pot plugged in. I don't do a lot of soldering, I think the last time I soldered was when I sized a ring about 2 weeks ago. So I guess my pickle pot had been plugged in and left unattended for about 2 weeks.

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