Saturday, October 22, 2011

Setting up my anodizing equipment again

Yesterday I finally set up my anodizing equipment.  My friend sent me this article about using pickle (sodium bisulfate) for the anodizing bath:

I was already planning to set up my anodizing stuff when I got the article and thought I would try it so I wouldn't need to find sulfuric acid.  But I didn't have enough pickle left so I just went ahead and got battery acid at an auto parts store instead.

The author of the article talks about how much safer pickle is than sulfuric acid.  Personally I have always hated pickle since I first started doing jewelry work in my apartment while I was at GIA.  I didn't have a crock pot to heat the pickle, so I put some in the microwave to heat it.  I guess some got in the microwave, and later when I heated some food it had sort of a pickle taste to it and it made me kind of sick. 

Maybe I'll try pickle next time I have to set up anodizing equipment.