Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Working in my studio again

I came back to Iowa last night.  I spent most of my time in Illinois cleaning and organizing my stuff, meeting friends and working in the studio.

I finished 3 wood handle lockpicks.  I've been thinking about doing some aluminum handle picks after I get my anodizing stuff set up, but since I can only work on those when I'm in Illinois, I think I would rather spend my time on something else.

I tried some repousse with my new pitch bowls.  I just put a piece of 20 ga copper in and started hammering without much of a plan just to see how it feels.  It was fun.  I'll work on my practice piece some more to get used to it while I think of what I want to try to make.

I worked till 3-4am a few days.  It felt good to work that late again.  I really enjoy working late at night much more than I do during the day.