Sunday, January 27, 2008

new ring pic

This is the ring I finished last week and entered in the ring show:

It is anodized aluminum and sterling silver. This is the first piece I have titled in almost 3 years. I called it Cylinder Ring. Not because I really want to give it a title, just because things are starting to get confusing when all my work is untitled. In August, when I got the email about one of my pieces being a finalist in the Cheongju craft competition, they said it was my piece"untitled" that got in. I had to email back and ask which untitled piece it was cause both pieces I had entered were untitled. So I guess I will start giving my pieces descriptive titles.


nhorfebre said...

Felicitaciones... tu trabajo es notable.
Vi tu portafolio en flickr y está realmente bueno.

jon said...

I don't understand.

nhorfebre said...

I will try to translate:
Congratulations ... Your work is wonderful.
I saw your portfolio in flickr and is really good.