Sunday, April 13, 2008


This is the 24" x 24" sheet of 18 ga. copper I will use. I love big sheets of metal like this. Too bad its not silver.

This is after most of the layout had been done except for the piercing I will do on the sides of the piece. The black lines are just to make it easier for me to see the shape while I finish the layout. When I start cutting I will follow lines scribed in the metal.

In this photo I am laying out the lines I will cut in the sides of the piece. They are all parallel to each other. I have super glued the 12" ruler to the metal so I can put the square against it and scribe the lines more easily.

A close up showing the lines I was scribing in the previous photo.

All this layout has taken 2 days so far, not full days, but long enough each day that I had to stop working on it cause I was getting tired of doing it. I have to finish scribing all those parallel lines on the other 4 sections. 72 lines on each. I am looking forward to finishing this layout and getting started cutting.

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kait said...

I really love being able to watch your step-by-step work on projects!