Friday, July 4, 2008

more new tools

I got some more new tools recently. I got this Wolf Trimmer, its for milling wax, but I have been using it for aluminum.

I love this sort of thing, so I bought it, even though I already have the Foredom Allset milling attachment.

The Allset milling attachment is much more versatile, but it's also about $330 vs. the Wolf tool which is $40, and I when I used to do a lot of wax carving I usually didn't use the Allset in any other configuration than the way that the Wolf tool is set up. The most important thing for me is the Wolf trimmer fits in a GRS benchmate.

I also recently got a light tent. For most of last year I had been using my friends light tent. He left it at my house because he didn't have a camera, so he would come here when he needed to take photos. I had never used one before and it made lighting so much easier. After he took it back I really missed having one, so a couple weeks ago I got this one.

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