Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another disappointing issue of Metalsmith

I really don't want to use this blog to rant, but I got the new issue of Metalsmith today. I don't know why I subscribe to this magazine. I think it's the name: Metalsmith. I think if they would change the title to something that would more accurately reflect the content I would be able to stop subscribing. But the name- METALSMITH- I feel like I have to subscribe. Underneath the title it says "Jewelry - Design - Metal Arts," and its published by the Society of North American Goldsmiths, this sounds like the perfect magazine for me since I am a jeweler and a metalsmith. I am really starting to feel like a chump for wasting money on this magazine. At least I didn't send them any money when they were whining about their financial problems and begging for money.

There was some talk on the SNAG forum about changing the name of the organization. I didn't participate in the discussion and I don't know if it's still being discussed. I think they definitely should change the name. The organization is not about goldsmithing, and the magazine is only partly about metalsmithing. This year's Exhibition in Print really made me feel that this magazine is not for me, and the long discussion about it on Orchid let me see that there are a lot of people who feel like I do about this. I am not going to cancel my subscription over one or two issues, but my dissatisfaction with SNAG is increasing.

I want to mention my favorite piece in this new issue, Iris Eichenberg's piece on page 35 that looks like dirty socks hanging on branches. I like her installation of wool blankets too.


Danielle said...

So I sat reading your post -- my new, plastic-wrapped issue of Metalsmith beside me on the desk. The previous Exhibition in Print issue had left me wondering if I'm just not cultured enough to 'get it.' After finishing your post, I unwrapped and opened the magazine to page 35... and all I can say is: WTF?! To be fair, though, it looks like some of the other articles might be interesting (and possibly related to metalsmithing).

PS: I recently admired your work at Taboo Studio!

d. marie henderson

jon said...

Regardless of whether or not I am too dumb to "get it", I at least want the magazine to be mostly about metal, like the name suggests.

But just because I am sick of Metalsmith doesn't mean I won't enter next years juried EIP, titled Saturated: Metal & Color. Although if I do get in it won't mean as much to me as it would have a few years ago, when I still thought Metalsmith was relevant to me and my work.