Saturday, August 1, 2009


The classes I am teaching are going well. There are only 5 people in each class, and there's no one there that doesn't want to be there, unlike classes at a university. There are only 2 weeks left. I am kind of sad my classes will end soon, but I think it's better if I only teach occasionally, it will be more fun for me that way and I will put more effort into it.

This week and last week I brought in the chemicals, dyes and hardware needed to do anodizing. There are a couple people working on pieces in aluminum. Last week I did a demo on how to anodize, this week one person did a test piece, and next week at least one person will have a finished piece to anodize.

Below is my little temporary anodizing set up:

The afternoon class:


Lann said...

In a university setting it's still not a required class unless your a metals major. So I never understood the resistance with some people taking classes. The same goes with other mediums. Here it is worse with the Art ed. Majors because they bitch sooooo much about having to make pieces. I don't get why they would want to teach art if they don't even like making it.

jon said...

I have no idea why people take the classes but don't want to work. Art classes were always my favorite, it was in all my other classes that I didn't want to do any work.