Tuesday, December 4, 2018

First visit to a tool store in Taipei

Saturday I went to a jewelry tool store called Jin Bao Shan, in Taipei.  I bought a torch, soldering stuff, and other random small tools. It's not Rio Grande, but they seem to have everything I need for now.  I'll be going here again in a week or two  

I loved these oversized display burs. But I couldn't get my phone to focus on them, and finally gave up on getting an in focus shot. Maybe I'll try again next time.

They had a fairly good selection of hammers and stakes.

Draw plates, hammers, and rubber wheels in the little drawers.

Decent selection of rubber wheels. I just wish they all listed the brand name rather than just which country they are from.

A bench set up for demonstrations.

One part of the store was tools, the other part of the store was display and packaging stuff.

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