Wednesday, January 2, 2019

making lock picks again

I got a bench grinder and belt sander last week. I now have almost everything I need to make picks again. I still need to buy a polishing motor and I need my hand files. My files are being shipped from the US right now, I should get them next week. I might have to wait till after my winter vacation to buy the polishing motor. With all the money I have spent on tools recently and with trip I am taking to Japan and Korea at the end of the month, I am not sure I can afford one right now.

I can't use the grinder and belt sander inside; it's too messy. So I bring them out on my patio to use them. 

This is the outside work area. Not very exciting compared to my workshop in the US, but it should be adequate. I now have to work during the day time (always worked at night in the US) and when it's not raining.

I'm stuck at this stage for now. I need to get my hand files to finish shaping the pick blade, and a polishing motor to polish it. 


Unknown said...

You make some great picks brother. Glad to see your back at it!

jon said...

Thank you.