Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I got the book 500 Metal Vessels last week. I like it. I have 1 piece in the book, I just wish it was a better piece. I don't make many vessels so there wasn't much I could submit.

I heard from Lark Books about the book The Art of Jewelry: Plastic and Resin. I submitted one piece, the only piece I have made that used plastic, but it didnt get in. Normally rejections depress me, but I don't really care about that one. They said they got so many submissions that they will do one of the 500 series books about plastic and resin jewelry.

I also got a letter from Lark about the book 500 Diamonds. They said they didn't get enough entries so they are not making the book. They said they will do a book 500 Gemstones in the future.

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