Tuesday, November 6, 2007

random process shots

I have been working on the candle sticks today. I am anodizing the square ones.

I also re anodized the part of my welding handpiece holder. I couldn't get it any darker than before. Actually I think its lighter than before. Theres nothing that can be done about it, except remake the piece in the same alloy as the base, whatever that is. But I'm not going to do that. Its not that important.

This is kind of what one of the candle sticks will look like once its together. Its about 24" high. The round discs are 1/4" thick aluminum, the vertical parts are polished stainless steel tubing. The part that will hold the candle is sterling silver, its not in the picture. This one is being anodized blue.

This is how I sanded and polished the stainless steel tubing. There were 55 pieces to do.

These are some of the polished pieces of stainless steel. I sorted them by size. I tried to put the ones that were close tothe same size together, some of the over sized pieces I had to trim down a bit.

I have taped together the pieces of the same size and put them aside for later.

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