Thursday, April 2, 2009

anodizing dyes

I finished my anodizing sample pieces last night and I took a photo of all the colors I have. All of these dyes are from and these are the names they use for the colors.

Most of the colors are accurate on my calibrated monitor, but a few of them don't look so good in this photo.

1- Red Bordeaux (below) - I like this one if the piece is dyed as dark as possible. But I rarely use it on my work.

2- Violet DS + Red Bor. (1:1) - I mixed this color, I don't like it.

3- Violet DS + Red Bor. (2:1) - I don't like this one either.

4- Violet DS (below) - It's ok, but I rarely use it.

5- Violet - This is one of the new ones I got a couple weeks ago. I haven't used it on any of my work yet. I am not sure if I will, it's kind of strong.

6- Black - It's black. What more can I say?

7- Copper - Another new one. This is the orange I have been looking for. I haven't used it yet.

8- Orange 3A - I never liked this one much.

9- Golden Orange - A new one. It's better than orange 3A, although I don't know if I will use it on my work.

10- Yellow 4A - Another new one. This one is very interesting. It's a very light yellow, I have not used it yet, but I am considering it for this brooch. I will definitely use it on something.

11- Gray NLN - A new one. It's kind of like black, but not as... black. I didn't know what to expect with this one, but I was hoping it would be something other than watered down black. I could get this color with a quick dip in the black dye. Maybe that should have been obvious, but I figured if they are selling a separate dye it must be something I couldn't get with black. If you leave the piece in the dye long enough it is almost black. Interestingly, this isn't the only gray they sell.

12- Orange 3A + Blue 4A (2:1) - Another one I mixed. I didn't have yellow to mix with blue, so I wanted to see what kind of green I would get with orange and blue. It's an ugly color, I've never used it.

13- Electric Blue (below) - I like this one. I bought this after I already had fast blue, but two are too similar to each other, I didn't need both of them.

14- Fast Blue (2 photos below) - I like this one a lot. I used this on my teapot.
Both of these rings are fast blue.

15- Blue 4A (2 photos below) - This is my favorite blue right now.

16- Green SCG - This one is new. I like it but I have not used it on anything yet.

17- Green AEN (below) - This one is kind of difficult to get a good color. When the color comes out right, like with this brooch, I love it. When it doesn't come out right it's nothing special.

18- Blue 4A + Orange 3A (1:1) - I mixed this at the same time I mixed #12. I don't like it.

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