Monday, April 13, 2009

new tools

I made another stake from a railroad spike. I didn't need the stake for anything in particular, I just wanted to make it. The new one is on the right.

I also made myself a chasing hammer this weekend. I have made chasing hammers before, but they were gifts. The handle is ebony, I roughed it out on the band saw then finished shaping it on the belt sander. This time I fit the handle to the head early on during the shaping of the handle rather than finishing the handle first. I think it is easier to do it this way because I don't need to worry as much about getting the head on straight or worry about breaking the handle when I hammer it into the head.

I thought I might be finished when I took the picture below, but I couldn't stand that light spot in the ebony so I sanded it out the next day. I will post a photo of the finished piece soon.

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