Thursday, October 29, 2009

update and new picks

Lately this blog is looking more like some kind of random personal blog or travel blog than a blog about my metal work.

There's not a whole lot worth writing about lately. I haven't gotten in any exhibitions since Cheongju. I am not working on anything exciting. I have some unfinished pieces that I think will be good, but I haven't worked on them since before my trip. I'll go back to working on those after I finish up some other things.

Here are some lock picks I finished recently:

This one below is now my favorite handle style I have done in aluminum. But I think every time I do a new handle style it's my favorite till I make it a few times and get sick of it.

This one is sandalwood. This is another one of my current favorite handle styles. I like the one I did in snakewood better.


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