Tuesday, March 17, 2009

new dye

I got the new anodizing dyes today from Caswell Plating. I got green SCG, copper, yellow 4A, grey NLN, golden orange, and violet 3D. I am really hoping the green is good.

4 ounces of concentrate makes 2 gallons. I usually just mix 1/2 gallon unless I am anodizing something that needs more. They are mixed with distilled water. I didn't have enough water to mix one of the dyes. I will get some more water and start testing these dyes later today.


Ruth said...

Do you have to adjust the pH of Caswell's dyes when you use them, or do you just use them as is? I love your work!

jon said...

They need to be diluted with distilled water, but other than that I use them as they are.