Sunday, March 1, 2009


I entered the Jewelry Arts Awards last week. I entered the new brooch in my previous post, and a brooch from last year. I did well with rings in the past, but this year I didn't have any rings that I felt were worth entering.

I am working on a few new pieces using aluminum and other materials. One with thin stainless steel cable, and another with ebony. I will see how these pieces turn out and then decide of I want to do more with those materials.

I am also working on some prototypes of jewelry made from folded sheet metal similar to the folded vessels I have done. I have been thinking about doing this for a few months, but I have only now just started working on designs. I have done several paper models for earrings, and one model out of 4" x 4" 22 gauge (0.64mm) copper. 4" x 4" sounds kind of big, but when it's folded up it's only about 1.25" wide and a little under 1.5" high. 22 gauge was the thinnest sheet I had, but it was too thick when I folded it up and the edges were binding. It also seemed kind of heavy. So I need to get some thinner metal, probably 26 gauge for earrings.

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