Saturday, December 5, 2009

500 felt objects?

I've been busy lately and I didn't have time to finish my green enameled bracelet for 500 Silver Jewelry Designs. Two of the pieces I entered were from 2004. Before I really looked at my portfolio for silver pieces I had been thinking I have done a lot of work in silver. Not really. I've done a lot of work that used some silver, but I have made very few things primarily out of silver since 2004.

Last night when I went to Lark Books' website to download the entry form for 500 Silver I saw they are doing a book 500 Felt Objects. I have some half finished pieces involving felt and anodized aluminum. I suppose I should finish them and enter, though I don't have much confidence they are going to be the kind of things they want for the book. But since there's no entry fee I'll enter anyway. Entries are due Feb. 13, 2010.

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