Sunday, February 1, 2009

Aluminum and sterling brooch part 2

I didn't take any photos till I got to this stage. It's ok, there wasn't much to see, I cut it out of 1/2" aluminum with the band saw, and then shaped it with a belt sander till I got to where its at in this photo.

I continued shaping it with a rotary tool and 1/2" cylinder bur. The burs seem to be the best way to shape aluminum, but I am really starting to get sick of getting covered with aluminum and getting aluminum everywhere. Something about aluminum chips I just don't like.

This is the silver piece. Most of the forming has been done. I used something like 22 gauge I think.

I was getting ready to cut the silver, but decided to bring the sides of the silver in a bit more. I have the aluminum piece covered with tape to see how it fits in the silver piece while keeping a space between the silver and aluminum.

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