Sunday, February 8, 2009

folded copper vessel part 1

I came up with one idea for my folded silver vessel. I made 2 paper models then decided to try it in copper since I don't have gas to solder the pin back on my aluminum and silver brooch.

In the picture below I have the design glued to 12" x 24" 20 ga. copper. The design was sized to fit on a 12" x 12" sheet. I use Elmer's School Glue to glue the paper to the metal. Usually I sand the surface of the metal a little to help the glue adhere to it. This time I decided to skip that step and see if it would still hold ok. Skipping that step was a big mistake. The glue does not adhere to the metal at all. The paper was constantly peeling up while I was trying to saw out the shape and I kept having to glue it back down with super glue, which will be more difficult to remove when I am finished.

This is about where I stopped last night. I have almost all the holes drilled and I am deburring them.

This piece should be different from the others I have made so far, I am trying something new. Except for the holes. I am getting a little tired of the holes. The silver piece probably won't have holes, or if it does maybe they will be smaller and much closer together.

What ever design I decide to use for the silver vessel I will probably not cut it out of a single sheet of metal like I have done with every other folded vessel. I will probably cut out each side individually then solder them all to a center piece. There's lot of waste when I cut the design out of a single sheet of metal. That's ok with copper, brass and bronze, but silver is too expensive to waste.

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