Friday, February 6, 2009


I am trying to resist the urge to start on another brooch I have been thinking of till I finish the one I started last week. I don't have much more to do on it and I don't have any commissions due for a little while so I should finish soon while I have time.

I am also working on a design for another folded vessel I want to make in silver. I would like to make one that is significantly different from the last few I have done. I have some ideas in my head, but it is difficult and time consuming to work the design out. Making these folded pieces is different from my other work because I can't just do a drawing, I need to make a paper model to see how it will fold up. Using CAD has sped up the process, but still I need to print them, cut out the shapes and fold and tape them. Most of the time I see the design is a failure as soon as I finish the model.

(I got this one back from CraftForms today.)

I thought I had decided last year to make this teapot, I even bought metal for it.

But now I am having second thoughts. I was working on some more designs, but haven't come up with anything else I like. I need to hurry up with it because what ever I decide to make I want to have it finished in time to enter in the Cheongju International Craft Competition. Entries probably won't be due till June or July, but a teapot will take a while and I will have a lot of other things to make.

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