Saturday, February 7, 2009

Aluminum and sterling brooch part 4

I drilled and tapped the holes to hold the silver piece on...

...and started working on the pin back.

In the next photo the pin back part is super glued in place. I like to super glue things together to make sure they will be in exactly the position I want them and then scribe a line to mark where I want it. You can use other things like wax to stick parts together, but I like super glue cause the part will not move at all.

The commercial screws in this photo are temporary. I will fabricate screws out of sterling when I am finishing the piece.

The other piece of the pinback is finished, but I forgot to take a picture. Friday I noticed that I was almost out of oxygen for my torch so I decided to get a disposable oxygen tank at Home Depot so I would have something to use till I got my big cylinder filled. After I ran out of oxygen I started using the little tank, but its not providing a steady flow of oxygen, so my torch flame keeps changing. I don't know if it's the tank or the regulator, cause I have only used this regulator once before several years ago. I have never had anything like this happen before.

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