Tuesday, December 4, 2007

newest brooch

This is my newest brooch. I finished it a the beginning of last week and photographed it Thursday night.

These are the carved aluminum pieces. they are about 1/4" diameter.

I had some other ideas of what to do with them but decided on this one. The tube is stainless steel left over from the candlesticks.

The stainless steel is cut and has the holes drilled in it. Next I will anodize the aluminum pieces.

I wasn't sure what color to make them. I wanted to make them green, but thought they would look too much like plants. I don't care if they look kind of like plants, but I thought if they are green they will definitely be plants. I tried green, but the color didn't look so good. I need to find out what alloy it is that takes the green color so well. Cause 6061 isn't it.

I mixed a new color. I had a color called orange, but it was too yellow. So I mixed 3 parts of that with 1 part red, and got this new color. I like it a lot better than my other orange. I re-anodized the brooch parts in the new color. Now I guess they look like little flames. I think I would have preferred green, but its not the right alloy for green. The little anodized plugs for the ends of the tubing are on my bench block in the background.

Mostly done.

This is the finished piece, except for the pinback. I thought it would be easier to photograph it before I put the pinback on.

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