Monday, December 10, 2007

teapot process - part 2

The piece on the left is the part that the handle will attach to. The 2 parts on the right are like sleeves that will go on the bottom of the handle, which will slide into the base. I made these silver sleeves, rather than just leaving it aluminum because it wouldn't take long for the anodizing to wear off from taking it off the base and putting it back on. With silver it could always be refinished.

I was checking to see how the sleeves fit in this photo.

This is the part of the base the handle will go into. The sleeves had to fit this piece very snug, or else the teapot would lean forward.

This is the new base. It is 2 identical pieces of 3/16" aluminum that will be riveted together.

The handle pieces and part of the base.

This is how the parts will go together. There is still a lot of work left to be done.

This part sticking out at the bottom will attach to the aluminum pieces of the base.

I have added the second part that will attach between the 2 aluminum pieces of the base.

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