Monday, December 10, 2007

teapot process - part 4

This is the lid. I made a handle out of plastiform from Otto Frei to hold the lid while I worked on it. All the tool suppliers sell the stuff under different names. Its a plastic that gets soft when its heated and you can use to to hold parts. I think its great.

The handle.

One end holds the piece from the top, the other end holds the piece from the bottom.

The mostly finished lid.

This bottom piece was very difficult to fit to the curve of the lid.

I hadn't given much thought on what the spout would look like. I made some clay models to try to decide.

There were a few other ideas, but I went with this one.

After deciding on the shape and size of the spout I cut holes in the body of the teapot. I this photo I have only drilled the holes, I filed them all square to make them look nicer.

This is the spout in progress. I made it at Haystack in July 2006 when I was there as Chunghi Choo's assistant. I messed up the first one and had to make a second, which I barely had enough silver for.

I have the two parts taped up so I don't damage the edges of them while I sand the rest of the teapot.

More sanding.

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