Monday, December 31, 2007

scale necklace

My burn out kiln broke during the summer. I kept putting off fixing it cause I didn't need to use it. I finally got around to opening it up a couple days ago. A wire had become disconnected, that was all. So I resoldered that, and it works now. I didn't even have to buy new parts.

Now that my kiln is working again I will go back to casting scales for my silver scale necklace. There is so much work to do and it is taking so long. I have not been working on it on a regular basis, but I started it in spring 2005. I work on it for a while then put it down for a long time. Usually cause I get sick of it. Its kind of depressing to work on something like this for so long. All I am doing is making the same little pieces over and over. Hundreds of them.

This is how it looked in Sept 2005. It is much bigger now, but I don't have a recent picture.

Each scale is cast sterling silver. I have 4 rubber molds of the original, so shooting the waxes goes pretty quickly. I usually cast about 20-25 at a time. It looks like I have more than that on this tree.

Cast scales.

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SuzyQ said...

I love your work, it's beautiful.